Taiko Paper Mfg. Ltd. manufactures specialty paper for industrial use with a fully-integrated production system from pulp to paper.

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Since our establishment in Fuji City at the foot of Mt. Fuji more than sixty years ago, we have produced industrial paper, concentrating on kraft paper for agricultural produce bags and chemicals and packaging paper as well as such specialty paper as stainless metals interleaving paper. Our product portfolio has expanded and we now supply a variety of products ranging from functional papers for electronic parts, food packaging and paper towels. Our unbleached paper production is unique in the way that we purchase chips in Japan and manufacture kraft paper from pulp to paper in an integrated system.

We have gained trust from customers in various sectors by satisfying their variety of requests and needs in a fine-tuned manner. We are determined to exert our efforts in new product development, quality improvement and stable supply to meet customers’ demands.

Our products are mainly for packaging and industrial use that requires strength and tensile strength and they are made from nearly 100 percent virgin pulp. The paper manufacturing industry used to be synonymous with huge consumption of energy and water. We have proactively tackled environmental problems to consume less resources and energy to be a more sustainable recycle-oriented industry. We kindly ask for your continued support as we intend to do our utmost to realize our motto, “Creating harmony between people, culture and the natural environment.”

Product Information


Packaging paper

Packaging paper
We supply a wide range of products—paper for heavy-duty bags, paper for light packaging used for shopping bags and lamination, adhesive tape base paper for kraft tape for sealing, and unbleached kraft paper for packaging, just to list a few.
Packaging Paper Lineup
●Kraft paper for heavy-duty bags●Kraft paper for light packaging●Tensile paper for adhesives
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Industrial paper

Industrial paper
We supply machine-finish specialty paper and one-side glazed kraft paper for industrial use as well as various functional papers for household products and food.
Industrial paper Lineup
●Machine-finish specialty paper (metal interleaving paper, cushioning paper for PC board, various functional papers)●One-side glazed paper (metal interleaving paper, print base paper for building materials, various functional papers)●household paper (paper for food, various functional papers, paper towel)
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We provide pulp produced from softwood chips that can be used as enforcement materials for cardboard and building materials.
Unbleached Softwood Pulp Lineup
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Corporate Information

Company Profile

Taiko Paper Mfg. Ltd.
Company name Taiko Paper Mfg. Ltd.
Head office and plant:
10 Kamiyokowari,
Fuji-city, Shizuoka 416-0942, Japan
TEL:0545-61-2500 FAX:0545-61-2513
Capital 450 million JPY
Business Profile (1) Manufacture and distribution of kraft paper and specialty paper
(2) Manufacture and distribution of kraft pulp
(3) Intermediate treatment of industrial and non-industrial waste
Workforce 191 employees (as of September 1, 2021)
Site area approx. 145,000㎡


5-minute walk from JR Fuji Station
5 minutes from JR Shin-Fuji Station by taxi
10 minutes from Fuji Exit of Tomei Expressway by car